Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Recover CISCO Switch Password

Here I’m using a CISCO 3500 series switch to make this test environment.


1. Connect the Console cable in to you PC Serial port or use the USB/Serial adaptor and connect using your terminal Software.

In my case I’m using putty.

2. After that power off the Switch and while hold down the Mode button (Bottom left corner) and power on the switch. After few minutes the Light on PORT 1 will goes out. Then release the Mode button.

3. Then you can see this window in the terminal window. Give a command “Flash_init

4. Then you can see the directory by using “dir flash:” command

5. Give a command Load_helper

6. Rename the Config.text file in to Config.old by using this command

“Rename flash:config.text flash:config.old”

7. After that give a Command “Boot”.

Then switch will restart

8. Then give “enable” command to go in to user EXEC level

9. Then Copy the Config.old file in to running-config by using

copy flash:config.old system:running-config.old

10. Go in to Configuration mode. use “Configuration terminal” command. If you want you can change the Switch name. use command “hostname

11. Then disable the Secret password by using “no enable Secret

12. Save the new configuration in to running- config. Use “copy running-config startup-config

Congratulations now you can log in to your switch without a password. But make sure to give a new password and keep it in a place that you can find.

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